Our Story


Welcome to Milton Ashby Toys.

I founded Milton Ashby Toys after struggling to find ones that were stylish, beautiful and great quality – ones that I was proud to give as a gift.

There was only one logical choice of material: timber. It’s stylish, strong, safe and unlike mass produced plastic toys, each one is subtly unique. The surface finishes we use are all non-toxic and sourced from suppliers who share our vision. The packaging is also as stylish as the toys themselves.

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All of our toys are proudly made in Melbourne, Australia by our small team of skilled craftspeople. To see a sample of how we make our toys, see the short video below.

We recently launched a new venture, Ley & Co. The first product on offer is a wireless phone charger carved from solid timber, but over time we will offer other products of our after-hours designing, tinkering and building.

I hope you love and appreciate our toys as much as we take pride in making them.